how-to-beat-a-bullyWhat does a kid in middle school do these days when he comes face to face with a big bully? A problem that has plagued children for years has found not only a solution, but a guide to “rubbing” out that terrible annoyance. It’s spelled out in the timely comedy, How to Beat a Bully.

The story begins with a 12-year-old boy named Cory (played by Grant McLellan), who moves to a new town and gets bullied on his first day of school. Terrified to return to class, he makes up an outrageous story that he’s the son of a mobster hit man. He quickly becomes popular on campus by intimidating his foes with this information, as well as guaranteeing protection to the victims of bullying at his school. As time progresses, his lie grows bigger. Cory tries to cover his tracks, but it is becoming more difficult. Even so, he must continue to fool everybody, including the school faculty and his neighbors. While enjoying the spoils of his great lie, Cory’s former bulliers do his chores, bring him snacks, and even stop bullying the other kids at school by his orders. His dad becomes the top insurance salesman at his job for the first time in his career—a direct result of Cory’s lie. Eventually everything backfires. The neighbors are afraid and gossiping about his family; and Cory’s dad is suddenly in imminent, mortal danger with the local neighborhood crime syndicate. Afraid he’s gone too far, Cory realizes he must come clean and come up with a plan to save his dad.  He does this with his former adversaries, and together they present an even bigger threat to the dangerous, gun-wielding, grownup bullies, all the while turning his enemies into his friends in the process!

This movie is a comedy, filled with adventure and lots of quirky twists and turns. The writers (Marilyn Anderson and Richard Rossner) keep us guessing, while proving that kids can use their brains instead of their fists to solve difficult problems. Filled with funny jokes, bizarre situations, and interesting characters, How to Beat a Bully is a fun, family movie. It proves that even the least likely person CAN OUTSMART A BULLY!

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Directed by Doug Bilitch.