From Grammy-nominated bassist to French chef, is there no end to Bunny Brunel’s skills?  The American, French-born musician, bass designer and creator of the Bunny Brunel Electric Upright Bass (BBEUB) is also a published author of countless instructional books . . . oh wait, did we mention that he was also an instructor, too . . .  well, he is also one hell of a cook! And his range is broad in the kitchen, too.  He’s a gourmet chef, who attended l’Ecole Hôtelière de Nice, and learned everything there is to know about running a hotel, including preparing gourmet cuisine – everything from ratatouille to an apple tart. This video is the first of a series, where Bunny demonstrates his culinary prowess; and sets the tone for the first of many Feast & Fusion concerts, where he will cook in the kitchen and “cook” with his fusion band CAB on stage. Enjoy this presentation of Bunny Brunel’s “Chicken a la Crème!