Create Change with Thought

Thoughts happen to us spontaneously.  They come and go, interrupt and alter us.  We change our minds and so we affect our thoughts, watching them flow like traffic through our minds while applying the brakes to those things we don’t want to think about.  When we stop and focus on the things we wish to tune out, we often create what we wish to rid ourselves of.  We are the product of our thoughts, so we feel we are at their mercy.  This is not altogether true, however, because we can change how our thoughts affect us.

Through meditative techniques, we can see our thoughts for what they are.  Spontaneous interruptions to our flow of energy that we can choose to watch pass by or stop and worry over.  Ultimately, we can choose to use the energy of our minds to create what we need, and even unwanted worries can work for us to create what we need.

I’ve been told that this is called putting it out there.  It’s different from throwing it out there to see what sticks and then thanking God and the universe for bringing you what you need.  How did you get that extra money?  How did you obtain that harmonious interaction?  Whatever you did of the hundred things you tried, something worked.

It’s called having faith that the thing you focus on will come to you.  Faith is the battery that gets things going.  Taking our thoughts and forming what we want in the invisible is putting our faith into action.  Now start talking about what you want as if it is here.  Then write it down, thank your higher power, and ask to be shown plainly when the solutions come.

I have felt loneliness and failure descend on me like an unwelcome invader.  As an empath, I sense others’ thoughts, and they are not often pleasant.  So I find myself trying to sort myself out in the midst of chaotic emotions.  I have learned to become silent within myself and take notice to redirect unwanted thoughts and feelings, changing the energy behind what is unwanted, and creating desired feelings.  Our thoughts direct us and seem to rise from nowhere, but we can redirect them and create our own pallet and paint it however we choose.  The pallet we paint is like magic and causes those mental pictures to manifest for us.

Thoughts are like magic, and we can use them to create miracles in our life.  As a shamanistic healer, I know the power of thoughts. I take on the body mentally as my own.  Among the sounds and pictures I sense, I also sense another’s thoughts.  I’ve used thought to find the illness and soothe the pain.  I’ve quieted my mind so I could let another in and have used visualization to create healing.  To me, visualizing is better than magic.  If I want my client to do well, I visualize my client doing well.  My intention serves the function of causing well-being in my client’s life.  Often the people I help experience healing in very dramatic ways.  It’s all about the intention and the created thoughts behind the intention.

I want my loved ones to do well, and I believe my thoughts play a role in their happiness. I’ve read Shakti Gawain, who wrote “Creative Visualization” in the 70’s and started a movement toward positive thought that led to positive changes in the lives of many, including my own.

“When we create something, we always create it first in a thought form. If we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we will attract and create people, situations, and events which conform to our positive expectations.”  –  Shakti Gawain

Her words have always resonated with me, starting me on the path of using thought to recreate my world.  I ask that my children prosper financially, spiritually, and emotionally.  They begin to see changes in their lives that bring them some harmony.  I ask that a beloved friend who is experiencing financial difficulty see prosperity.  I receive a call that he has a new job that pays all his bills.

I begin to think that all these changes have something to do with me, that there is something to using my thoughts like a surgical laser to help the ones I love achieve success.  Can I bring greater success into my own life?  Thought seems to have a life of its own, and my thought laser may seem out of control, shooting contradictory instructions chaotically.  What would happen if I guided them myself and formed a focused energy that could effectively be used to obtain what I wanted?  What are the ethical implications of this?  Be careful what you ask for.

I have started directing my thoughts by writing what I call prayers to God.  In the first paragraph I write down the things I am thankful for.  Then I proceed to write what I need, while understanding as I write that I cannot change another person.  I basically write about what is important to bringing harmony into my life and how I can effectively be more harmonious to those who concern me.  Do I need to stop fighting with a family member?  I ask not to change that person but to help me become more harmonious with that person.  Do I need my bills paid this week?  I don’t ask for a specific source of extra income, but that my needs are supplied.  Then I ask that in whatever form the answers come, please make it clear to me, help me understand and see the manifestation of my need.  And I end my letter by giving thanks.  This is how I’ve learned to channel my thoughts into a precise laser.  I have seen changes both subtle and more extreme.

Understand that all is sufficient.  We are where we need to be in this moment.  From there, calmly acknowledge that we are in control and all is well.  You will see changes trickle in like water through stone, causing bursts of change like stalactites on the ceiling of a cave.

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One Comment to “Create Change with Thought”

  1. Elana says:

    Very inspirational!