Editor’s Pick – Top Ten Best Holiday Gifts That I’d Either Give or Want to Be Given

In keeping with a yearly tradition (2nd year in a row), I decided to put out my editor’s pick of top ten holiday gifts.  I really thought about the selection and wanted to be true to what I personally would like or have seen others enjoy.  There’s something on this list for everybody and every price range.  I know the title seems a little self-serving, but the bottom line is if you wouldn’t want the gift you’re giving, neither will your recipient!

1. Anything by Fossil for Men
If you’re anything like me, ladies, you’ll want your man to look stylish.  My guy prefers the more rugged approach, so I’ve decided to get him something from Fossil.  They are not only stylish, but very affordable, too.  You can purchase anything from their online store and get it gift-wrapped in time for the holidays.


Give the gift of unlimited movies.  You get longer rentals and a vast selection of on-demand movies that you can watch anytime.  Your recipient will love you for this gift.


3. Fendi Handbag
Fendi is known for classy bags with a European flair.  You can’t go wrong with this gift choice if the person you’re giving it to has an air of sophistication, is well-traveled, or just really appreciates refinement.


4. Anything from Tiffany’s
Ever since I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn, I have been a huge fan of Tiffany’s.  Last year I received the most delicate diamond ring for Christmas, and I haven’t taken it off my finger since.  Tiffany’s jewelry is so well-crafted and so classy in its simplicity, any woman or man would be delighted to receive one of those beautifully packaged blue boxes.


5. Tom Ford Sunglasses
Tom Ford sunglasses are inventive and fresh.  Even the classic Ace design has been given a makeover to give these “wraparounds” a subtle retro look and feel. I just adore Tom Ford sunglasses and I feel like a celebrity when I put them on.


6. iTunes gift card
Does your teenager look like her ear buds are permanently attached?  Is your friend a download addict?  Get them an iTunes gift card.  Every time they hear their downloaded tunes, they’ll think of you.


7. Spa Package
This one is a no-brainer.  Every woman wants this.  But men can also appreciate such an extravagant gift, too.  Just imagine sinking into a hot spring, getting a shiatsu massage, milk bath, or facial.  Purchasing a spa package is as easy as Googling “spas.”


8. Victoria’s Secret Gift Certificate
Maybe our feature story inspired this pick—I don’t know—but Victoria’s Secret has more than just lingerie.  There are currently several online deals.  Take a look online and buy your loved one a Victoria’s Secret gift card.


9. RosettaStone
If you’re traveling a lot outside of the country, RosettaStone may be the answer for you.  Why should you be a tourist all the time?  Maybe you just want to improve your mind.  Well, learning a foreign language is one of the best ways to do that.


10. Indoor Designer Tree
Ever walk into a home and see a beautiful tree in the living room?  Maybe you touched it and realized it wasn’t fake after all.   That extra oxygen is good for your health.  Purchase an indoor designer tree and bring a little—well, big—piece of nature indoors.


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