Did You Know: You Actually Absorb Cold Liquids Faster During Exercise

Photo by Lenora Gim, (Getty Images)The controversy as to whether you should drink room temperature water or cold water during exercise has floated around for some time. The question arose due to the fact that the human body actually uses energy to warm cold water to body temperature (98.9degrees F) before it can use it properly. Most believed that this meant warm water would be absorbed quicker since it didn’t need to be warmed, but we forget that during exercise your body is burning up!

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, cold water reigns supreme during intense exercise. The logic stems from the fact that the cool liquids hitting your heated inside will cool them and warm the water at the same time. Your body is constantly fighting to maintain homeostasis. It wants you hovering around 98.6 degrees. A cooler body runs more efficiently and just faster over all, so you will sweat to cool down or your body will have you feeling weak to slow you down if it is lacking proper hydration to cool itself. The cold liquids you drink will cool you down from the inside, allowing your body to more quickly and efficiently absorb the water and keep your body cool to keep fitness sessions at max intensity.

Room temperature is not a horrible thing if that should be your preference. In all reality, whatever temperature keeps you drinking the most water will be the best choice, but cooler water during intense exercise would not be a bad idea.

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One Comment to “Did You Know: You Actually Absorb Cold Liquids Faster During Exercise”

  1. Ashley says:

    Great Article!! I was always told room temp water was better for you but I could never remember why. This really cleared it up, thanks. :)