Double Your Results During Cardio in Half the Time!

If you find you would consider yourself a cardio warrior, then you know the harder you push during your cardio session, the more accomplished and energized you feel. Unfortunately, finding the time to get a great workout in can be challenging when you have a busy schedule, but the trick is to go harder and not longer by adding upper body fitness to your cardio routine. Invest in some resistance bands that are appropriately challenging for your level of fitness and take them with you on your next cardio bout. When using an elliptical, stair master, or bike machine, balance yourself so that you don’t need to hold onto the handles, and use the resistance bands to do some upper body resistance band work. I know this sounds a bit crazy but it can be fantastic once you get the hang of it as your core is forced to maintain your body’s balance.

You will reap a 100% full top to bottom workout in half the time. To get started, head to youtube and type in resistance band workouts or use your own favorite resource. Try to find an exercise you can do while balancing on your favorite cardio machine or on your morning run. If the idea intimidates you a bit too much, you can always go much slower on the cardio level until you get the hang of it. The challenge alone will sharpen your mind, snap any rut out of your normal regimen, and give you a power workout in half the time!

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