Style Fashion Week LA at the Vibiana: Gypsy 05 Spring 2012 Collection Runway Review

Rear projected cinematic, interchanging backgrounds of nature and the outdoors created the scene for the Gypsy 05 2012 collection at Vibiana during Style Fashion Week LA.  The fashion show opened with eclectic music and ritualistic choreography in the form of modern dance:  our dancer’s face had white war paint, and she wore a loose fitting tunic.  She put on a convincing performance and set the bohemian stage for what was to become a very enjoyable runway experience.

The clothes consisted of maxis that were free flowing and prints with horizontal stripes and pastels.  Other pieces included wide-legged chiffon pants, worn with a cape effect; Navajo themes with fringe hems; hooded cottons; tie-dyed jeans; big pleated frocks; and animal prints in untraditional colors.

Gypsy 05 Backstage (Photographed by Arun Nevader)

The styling played a big role in staying consistent with the gypsy theme.  The models’ faces were painted, and their hair was worn straight, long, and accessorized with a feather on one side.  The appearance of the baby doll maxis was new and done tastefully.  Coral was a common color, and so was crayon green.  The reintroduction of jumpsuits for women worked as well.

Gypsy 05 Runway (Photographed by Arn Nevader)

For the men’s turn, Gypsy mixed it up a bit with jeans, sweat shirt material, California fleece, and cottons.  Sometimes the men wore two-tone tennis shoes to accessorize.  The last piece was a purple hoodie with Native American accents.

The brother Dotan Shohamand’s and sister Osi’s combined experiences of dye techniques and a unique sense and applied use of color are what makes this lifestyle brand stand out.  This collection can easily be worn from day to nighttime with ease, flattering most figures and standing up to this season’s trends while still standing apart as a solid six-year-old brand.

See the Gypsy 05 Runway Show.

See the Gypsy 05 Backstage.

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