Vera Wang “Vis-á-gris” Fall 2012 Runway

The Stage at Lincoln Center had a hum of anticipation as the audience waited for the first model to come out the gate at the Vera Wang fashion show.  Known for her impressive silhouettes and depth of colors, fabric, appliqués, and “just always gets it right” sense of style, Vera Wang has been creating winning collections since her very first collection all those years ago.  Did you know that Vera Wang held the prestigious position as senior fashion editor for Vogue for 17 years?  Her list of clients resembles the who’s who of A-list celebrities and royalty.  So, it’s no wonder she continues to churn out winning designs every season as she expands her brand to reach not only the wealthy, but now with retailers such as David’s Bridal, she is also reaching out to those with an annual income of less than $50,000.

The Fall 2012 Collection “Vis-á-gris” is filled with long, sensual silhouettes, giving it a narrow, leggy adumbration.  The collection is defined by its high necklines and peplumed hips.

“The body is protectively enveloped in the soft armor of a fitted sheath, the sharp discipline of fencing-inspired jackets, and the structured carapace of a coat.  The female form is revealed by smoky transparencies that allow a glimpse of skin and of delicate lingerie not meant to be hidden, but is seen,” as described in the “Vis-á-gris” line sheet.

A few pieces that best represented this collection were her tangerine silk chiffon crisscross v-neck gown; her charcoal raccoon cape; her plum silk chiffon long-sleeve dress with high neck; and her dutch blue organza multi-layer panel dress.  It was obviously well thought out and illustrated Vera Wang’s definition of “Vis-á-gris”:  Opposites (black and white, structure and flou) are reconciled in grey, which is industrial and poetic, hard as steel and soft as a dove.

Click the image below to see Vera Wang’s “Vis-á-gris” Fall 2012 Runway during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York, photographed by Arun Nevader. (Not viewable on I.E.)

Vera Wang Vis-a-gris Fall 2012 Runway During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Photographed by Arun Nevader

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