Face of the Month July 2012: Lavinia Postolache

Lavinia Postolache July 2012 Face of the Month (Photo by Ash Gupta)

Lavinia Postolache (Photo by Ash Gupta)

Ash Gupta’s Face of the Month for July comes from a place many people have only read or heard about, Transylvania.  Lavinia Postolache left Romania and came to Los Angeles to continue her studies in acting, but she began her career on the runways of Europe.  “When I was 15 years old, “she explains,” I accompanied a friend of mine to a casting.  They saw me in the corner and they asked me to come in front. They were fascinated about my hair, and the week after I was doing shows for the hair products Matrix.”   After that, she participated in Romania Fashion Week and enjoyed it thoroughly.  One of her favorite modeling memories occurred when she moved to New York.  “The first week I was checking the city around, and I saw a poster for a Victoria’s Secret’s casting for the next angel, and I laughed because I knew such a well-known brand won’t do a casting like that. But still, I went to see what was going on. There were 2,000 girls waiting in line; it was insane, but the casting was real. I got to be in the top 10 angels. The show was on CBS, and since then more doors were open to me in the modeling industry.” Since meeting Ash Gupta in Los Angeles, Lavinia has shot several times with him and the talented team at 838 Media Group.

Besides her lush hair (which one notices right away), Lavinia has an easy smile and a graceful demeanor.  This ease of movement is evident in front of the camera as well, where Lavinia tells us—“When I model or act, the camera is my buddy. I open myself and I let go. When I am not on set, I feel shy. I don’t know why. It’s a weird thing.”

Despite making it look easy, there are challenges.  One time, she recounts, “I had a shoot in Greece. I was the Queen of Amazons, dressed as a soldier, and I was fighting with Achilles. The shoot took place under the Mediterranean Sea, and I was very excited and happy; but at the same time the costume was heavy, the water was salty, and it was hard to keep my face natural and get into the character without running out of oxygen. But we made it!”

There is one accomplishment she’s most proud of: Winning the title Miss World Romania 2010.  “It’s a one-time life experience,” she explains. “I feel that from modeling you learn more about how to sell a product or how to be artistic; but from beauty pageants you are the brand, and it’s unique cause you get to learn so much about yourself and your space.”

As for style, Lavinia’s must-have piece of clothing is the little black dress. Regarding makeup, she reveals, “I can live without lipstick or mascara, but one thing I never miss is a matte powder. If the skin is not dry, it gives a natural glamour look.

As a little girl, Lavinia wanted to be president of her own planet.  She credits her success to her family and her education.  In the future, after modeling and acting careers, she can see herself getting into the field of archaeology. “I don’t look back or have regrets,” she remarks, “I pretty much follow my instinct and the classy line ‘everything happens for a reason.’”

There is one question we can’t help but ask: Is it true there are vampires in Transylvania? Lavinia indulges us with an answer: “Having my family from Transylvania, most people ask me if I am a vampire, but what can I answer, ‘No’?  I say, ‘Hell yeah!’”

Lavinia at a Glance

A few adjectives to describe yourself:  Kind, observant, friendly, stubborn.

Cats or dogs? Cats

Favorite designers:  YSL, Balmain, and Anya Hindmarch

Favorite models: Bianca Balti, Anja Rubik, Coco Rocha

Check out the fashion editorial photographed by Ash Gupta of 838 Media Group.

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