Green America – An American Photo Essay Produced by Jeff Linett

This thought provoking photo essay conjures up all kinds of images of our country.  In honor of our Independence (and fourth of July), Agenda Magazine and “The Statement” present “Green America.”

Click the image below to see the photo essay. (Not viewable on IE.)

Green America Photographed by Jeff Linett for The Statement

America, the Land of the Free: Pro Choice Versus Pro Life, Healthcare, Patriotism, Unemployment, Human Rights

“Let’s ignore the problems we have in our country.  Let’s save the rest of the world instead.  Let’s spend billions on defense, kill innocent people, but teach them that democracy isn’t dead.  Let’s overstep our bounds and try to control religious norms overseas and complain when we are not liked.  Let’s come in at the last minute, save the day and claim we are their heroes; all the while people are dying here from neglect, murder, no insurance. Our children are our future; they are who we need to teach.  Yes, we value education.  That’s why the Right wants to keep us “dumb.”  That’s why intelligence and intellect are given less respect in the White House than our real heroes: Lady Gaga, Lyndsey Lohan, and Howard Stern.  It’s easy enough to complain about the state of this country.  So, what are you going to do about it?” —Quoted from “Pick a Side:  A Letter from the Editor, Wishing You a Happy Fourth of July.”

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