Pick a Side: A Letter from the Editor Wishing You a Happy Fourth of July

Letter from the Editor - Photographed by Ash Gupta, Makeup by Shahada Karim, Hair Styled by Bianca LaurenPro Choice Versus Pro Life

If you’re Christian it’s a person at conception.  If you’re just moral it’s a person once it forms fingers, toes and a face.  If you’re a democrat it’s a welfare check. If you’re republican, it’s a means to control a woman’s place.  Women still make only 56% of a man’s salary doing the exact same job.  Oh yeah . . . we’re all equal.  Just sayin’!


If you’re Canadian, live long and enjoy your free health.
If you’re poor in America, subsist without affordable healthcare; then die a preventable death.
If you’re rich in America, get a cure for your terminal disease.  Get a coveted kidney, and stop your dialysis. Get a new heart to reset your clock.
If you’re an illegal alien, get medical treatment, get deported.  Better yet, drive through Arizona.


Letter from the Editor - Photographed by Ash Gupta, Makeup by Shahada Karim, Hair Styled by Bianca Lauren (Swimsuits by Palmela G Swimwear)If you’re patriotic, get your gun and fight for what you believe is right. If you’re oppressed, a minority, a woman, a foster child, a homeless person, a wounded vet, or an alien, keep looking over your shoulder; you’ll get what’s coming to you yet. You won’t have the time or energy for democracy; survival is all you deserve.  Own your gun and get accused of a crime you didn’t commit.  Get lynched if you’re gay; or get arrested, accused, discriminated against, especially if you’re a Black man with no education. Remember your place.


Unskilled laborer, you have no job security—even though no self-respecting American will want your blue-collar job.  But in this economy, even a college grad can’t get employed at McDonald’s, Starbucks, or Walmart.  When the unemployment runs out, all you’re left with is the homeless shelter, living off mom, in you car, a tent, or hustling to make ends meet.  You can’t keep a job because corporations are closing their doors.  You can’t get a job because there is too much competition.  You’re over-qualified, under-paid, too young, or too old.

America – Land of the Free

Letter from the Editor - Photographed by Ash Gupta, Makeup by Shahada Karim, Hair Styled by Bianca LaurenLet’s ignore the problems we have in our country.  Let’s save the rest of the world instead.  Let’s spend billions on defense, kill innocent people, but teach them that democracy isn’t dead.  Let’s overstep our bounds and try to control religious norms overseas and complain when we are not liked.  Let’s come in at the last minute, save the day and claim we are their heroes; all the while people are dying here from neglect, murder, no insurance.  And what about education, education, oh, yeah, education . . . is that why our school systems are run down with overcrowded classrooms; and our most educated are the least paid?  Our children are our future; they are who we need to teach.  Yes, we value education.  That’s why the Right wants to keep us “dumb.”  That’s why intelligence and intellect are given less respect in the White House than our real heroes: Lady Gaga, Lyndsey Lohan, and Howard Stern.  It’s easy enough to complain about the state of this country.  So, what are you going to do about it?

Happy Independence Day, America! Pick a side.

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