Pucker Up: SPF for Lips

When most of us think of sun protection, we’re mostly concerned with our faces and bodies. But it’s also important to protect our lips!

Dr. Arthur Glosman

Dr. Arthur Glosman is a general and cosmetic dentist based in Beverly Hills, and he says lips need just as much protection as any other part of the body. Lips can get sunburned, and make you susceptible for harmful oral and mouth cancers. Oral cancer is one of the most preventative cancers, but it can also be the deadliest if not caught early.

“When applying sunscreen, most people forget one of the smallest yet susceptible parts of the body, the lips,” he says. “Lips need SPF always. And while most women may receive sun protection from their lipsticks or glosses, men don’t get that sort of protection.”

It’s also important to pay special attention to the lower lip, which tends to get the most sun.

Dr Glosman recommends that all of his patients, especially men, wear a lip balm everyday with an SPF of 15 or higher.

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