Furne One Fall 2012- Modern Day Impressionist Creating “Sci-Hi” Glam

There is only one word that can describe Dubai–based designer Furne One’s Fall 2012 collection, “c-r-a-z-y!”  I was transported, along with a packed house at Vibiana during Style Fashion Week LA.  It was wild being backstage watching the laborious work that went into getting those costumes on those models. Something I never saw before was the Middle Eastern woman in full Muslim regalia applying makeup to models alongside the American stylists—it was a first for me.  I was one of the lucky few able to actually touch and inspect the garments.  This was necessary for me.  (I was not so kind to Furne One’s Spring 2012 collection in my critique a few issues back.)  This time . . . “nicely done!”

This particular show was otherworldly, with erotic “sci-hi” glam.  The models wore elaborate metal face pieces with hydraulic wire extensions and propellers and such; a wild and bizarre juxtaposition to the über couture pieces the models wore with hand-stitched detailing.  Even though this was supposed to be a fall line, the Furne One’s high-end fabrics in pastel colors reminded me of springtime except not on this planet.  I was speaking to a friend who raised the question, “Why does some fashion have to be so way out there?  Who can wear this stuff?”  I thought about that question awhile and came to the conclusion that fashion is more than clothing.  Fashion can be art . . . and Furne One is the quintessential modern day impressionist . . . especially in the case of his Fall 2012 collection. I could definitely see one of these mixed media pieces on display in a museum somewhere!

Check out Furne One Fall 2012 Runway and Backstage by clicking the image(s) below.

Furne One Runway at Vibiana During Style Fashion Week LA Fall 2012

Furne One Fall 2012 Runway Photographed By Arun Nevader

Furne One Backstage at Vibiana During Style Fashion Week LA Fall 2012

Furne One Fall 2012 Backstage Photographed By Arun Nevader

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