Luli Fama Presents “La Dolce Vita” During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim 2013

I’ve always been big on production, and Luli Fama came out with more than enough to satisfy any critic.  The opening of this runway show wowed us with flapper girls and couple of a studly brass players.  “La Dolce Vita” was a fitting title as the models walked to the exciting music and were a visual documentation of a colorful, lively collection bearing no resemblance to the 20s-inspired opening. But this collection, which was filled with retro high-waisted 2-pieces, fringed bikini tops, and a variety of titillating trendy suits allowed “la dolce vita” spirit to prevail.  Kudos to designers Augusto and Lourdes Hanimian for a fine collection.  Here’s to “the sweet life!”

Click below to see the entire collection.

Luli Fama at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013 Held at the Raleigh Hotel

"Luli Fama Swim 2013 Collection" Photographed by Arun Nevader

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