30 Days & 30 Nights: Sisleya Global Anti-Age

Sisley's Sisleya Global Anti-Age CreamWe decided to take on one of the most expensive multi-tasking face treatments on the cosmetics market (La Mer and La Prairie perhaps being the exception) and see if it truly held up to its claims.

Sisley’s Sisleya Global Anti-Age cream is touted as the ultimate anti-aging solution. It boasts a long list of plant extracts that are supposed to firm and actually “re-texturize” (their word, not ours) skin. Really? You can’t blame us for being skeptical. Sisley joins a long list of cosmetics companies that often promise (and rarely deliver) similar results. But we gave it a whirl anyway.

By day, we found that an extremely small amount of this product went a long way. It melted quickly and absorbed easily, despite its thick consistency. It wore normally under makeup, but did seem to produce a bit more oil production than we were comfortable with. If we’re going to be honest (of course we are), we’d have to confess that we weren’t so impressed with this cream and its performance during the day.

But by night, we found that this cream performed above and beyond expectations. Sisleya does something that is actually not listed among the list of claims: it tackles acne! Yes, we admit that even at this . . . ahem . . . mature stage in life, we still battle adult acne. Sisleya seems to combat cystic concerns and existing pimples with ease. We noticed that we had fewer eruptions, and faster recovery time. A little research revealed that this formula contains a healthy dose of Vitamin A, which may be the reason for its acne fighting power.

So we’ve chucked the idea of using this as anything other than a night cream. After 30 days, we were impressed enough to keep using it. Because it takes such a small amount to do the job (we’ve been warned that using more than the required amount will not make this cream more effective), a 2oz job lasted us nearly a full year.

Grade: A

Price: $475

Location: www.bloomingdales.com

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