30 Days & 30 Nights: By Terry Huile De Rose

Price: $106
Location: www.spacenk.com

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of By Terry makeup. But we’re admittedly a little lukewarm on the company’s skin care. Although By Terry is obsessed (yes, obsessed) with all things rose, we found that some of the skin care is best suited to dry skin types. Our oily skin simply did not benefit from the formulations we tried, in any significant way.

So we approached the Huile de Rose elixir with a healthy dose of skepticism. The ultra light formula is so effective, that we’re told it’s best to use ‘last’, to seal in a nighttime skin care routine. According to By Terry lead makeup artist Brian Braccero, the molecules are so small that they effectively bypass any moisturizers between it and the skin, and are able to successfully penetrate the dermis.

The elixir is made up of 6 Rose Extracts, which promise to nourish, firm, and revitalize dull skin.

We found the formula to be very light and non-oily. When used alone, it gave our skin a nice ‘glow’ without looking greasy. And it acted as a ‘boost’ for our nighttime skin care routine. The smell is extremely light and pleasant, and non-synthetic.

With continued use, we noticed the slightest ‘lift’ in our overall appearance, and noticeable plumping around the eye and mouth area. That’s the good news. The bad news is, the effect seemed to be temporary. As soon as we stopped using it, those benefits seemed to disappear. Ah well, it was lovely while it lasted.

Grade: A-

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