Embracing Your 2012 Fashion Mistakes

With every passing year, we usually change and grow for the better. We mature a bit more, adopt some sort of new physical activity to lose weight or relieve stress, and try to strengthen our friendships and relationships. And with each passing year, most of us reflect on our styling successes as well as the major fashion flops we really wish we could take back.

I’ve always said that I appreciate the “Worst Dressed” lists in pop culture/gossipy magazines more than the “Best Dressed” lists. This is because the outfits that create a negative stir around a particular celebrity’s fashion sense, or lack thereof, show creativity. I suppose there are rules of common sense when it comes to fashion, but I appreciate when rules are broken. I respect the guts it takes to play dress-up as an adult, go out in public, and not apologize for a particularly insane ensemble.

But this doesn’t mean you should be a repeat offender. As you think about the outfits you put together throughout the seasons in 2012 – those that invited compliments and the styling that made you look like you got dressed in the dark – think about what you want to carry with you to the next year. This may not be an easy task, I totally get it. Honestly, my closet is a mishmash of incredible items and horrible pieces that really don’t deserve a spot in my wardrobe anymore. This is why I’m writing this column. Not only do I aim to inspire you to make changes regarding your fashion choices, but I am trying to psych myself into doing the same thing!

At first, I wanted to give some tips on how to clean out your closet…or provide something like the “Top 5 Must-Haves to Keep in Your Closet as we Approach 2013.” But I am more interested in simply bringing your attention to the fact that image is an important part of our society and individually, what you wear is an immediate way to communicate your personality without saying a single word.  And simply put: What you wore in 2012 may not need to be worn (ever!) again in 2013.

Maybe the answer isn’t to actually get rid of items altogether. Maybe it’s about learning how to properly style your outfits.  After all, a leopard pair of shoes doesn’t go with everything, and your blue leather jacket can become a fun, focal piece if you wear it with neutral shades versus being a loud, obnoxious item of clothing.

That said, no fashion rule should rule out something you hold dear in your closet, and dear to your heart. But now is a great time to practice versatility, and possibly learn how to wear the same thing three different ways! Starting today, when you reflect on your “successes” and “fashion flops,” remember to give yourself credit no matter what; flaunting a unique style shows beautiful confidence.

So embrace your fashion mistakes, laugh about them if you need to, and move on if you have to.

Happy Holidays, xoxo!

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