Holiday 2012: 10 Gifts Worth Giving

Set aside the fruitcake and put those snowflake candleholders back on the store shelf. We rounded up 10 of the most unique gifts and experiences that we think are well worth sharing this Holiday Season.

1. Wellness Experience: The Sweat Shop LA

The Sweat Shop LAWe found this amazing little place in Hollywood (On Cahuenga just north of Sunset Boulevard) on a fluke… and we’ve been hooked ever since. The Sweat Shop LA features ‘infrared saunas’ that heat the body from the core, and cause it to sweat. The result is a detoxifying experience that is as amazing as it is affordable.

The affordability of The Sweat Shop LA may be what is most attractive; a single sweat session in your own private ‘suite’ (includes a private shower) starts at $30. And if that’s not attractive enough, there are a number of services, including massage, acupuncture, and ultrasonic laser therapy.

For the Holiday Season, The Sweat Shop LA is offering a selection of wellness ‘packages’:

The Sweat Shop LAPep In Your Step: $95 (1.5 hours)
*B Complex Injection
*Infrared Sauna (30-45min)
*30 min. aromatherapy massage

Stop, Collaborate & Glisten: $169 (1.5 hours)
*Glutathione + B-Complex Injection
*Infrared Sauna (30-45min)
*15 min moisture mask +15 min hand/foot massage

The Sweat Shop LASkinny Bitch: $285 (3 hours)
*Lipotropic Injection
*Cayenne Shot
*Rasberry Ketone
*Ultrasonic RF Body Contouring + Skin Tightening
*Infrared Sauna Session
*Skin Tightening Cream 15 min Massage
*Herbal Body Wrap

The Sweat Shop LAKickstarter: $172 (2.5 hours)
*Glutathione + B-Complex Injection
*Cayenne Shot
*1 hour Deep Tissue Massage
*Infrared Sauna Session
*Mineral Shot
*Organic & Raw Green Juice

Mental Sanity: $232 (3.5 hours)
*Infrared Sauna Session
*Calming Mushroom & Herb Tea
*1 hour Deep tissue + Craniosacral Massage
*Acupuncture + Reiki Healing Session
The Sweat Shop LA*Mineral Shot

Optional Add On Services:
*Ultrasonic IF Laser Facial Skin Tightening (25 min) $65
*Ultrasonic RF Body Contouring (40 min) $145
*Moisture Mask (10-15 min) $35
*30 Min Massage (30 min) $35
*Mineral Shot $5
*Raw & Organic Green Juice $4
*Korean Scrubbing Mit $3
*B-12 Injection $30
*Lipotropic Injection $40
*Glutathione Injection $75

((Note: When you purchase a package, they pay for parking at the lot across the street so your car is safe all day))


2. One Stop Maintenance: Paint Shop Beverly Hills

Paint Shop Beverly Hills Paint Shop Beverly HillsPaint Shop Beverly HillsRegularly hailed as one of the ‘Best In LA’ in the press, Paint Shop Beverly Hills is a one stop shop for all of your maintenance needs. From brow shaping to blowouts, this salon offers one stop shopping for the busiest among us.

This full service lounge offers a relaxed vibe, and friendly staff. The ‘tribe’ at the Paint Shop will offer you water, tea, or champagne as you are blown out, buffed, and polished to perfection.

And if that’s not enough to get you in the door, the Paint Shop boasts a celebrity following. Victoria Beckam, Janet Jackson, and Jessica Alba have all enjoyed the incomparable ‘Dharma Pedicure’ (trust us, there’s nothing like it).


Black Dog Yoga Studio3. Deep Stretch: Black Dog Yoga Studio

Who says nothing good comes out of the Valley? Black Dog Yoga Studio (On Van Nuys Boulevard in Sherman Oaks) gets high marks for attracting yogis of all levels, at an affordable rate. With regular specials and a wide range of classes to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

New Student Special: 2 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $30 (Los Angeles residents only, please)

Single Classes:
Single Class (In Store) – $18
Single Class (Online) – $16
Community Class – $10

2 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $30Class Series Packages:
5 Classes – $75 ($15 per class)
10 Classes – $140 ($14 per class)
15 Classes – $195 ($13 per class)
20 Classes – $240 ($12 per class)
25 Classes – $275 ($11 per class)
30 Classes – $300 ($10 per class)

Black Dog Yoga-Blazing Saddles 10+10 – $200
This is a shared series of 20 classes: 10 at Black Dog Yoga and 10 at Blazing Saddles. Please show your proof of purchase at Black Dog Yoga to redeem your classes there. Please note that any unused classes at one studio will not be transferable to the partner studio.


Vibrato Jazz & Grill4. High Notes: Vibrato Jazz & Grill

This is dinner and a show all grown up. Vibrato Jazz & Grill (Bel Air) offers live music to complement a seasonal menu. The ambience is noteworthy, low lights and earth tones ignite memories of jazz lounges of lore (without the smoky haze).

The space was conceived by 7-time Grammy-winning music icon Herb Alpert, and is designed to engage all of the senses for the ultimate dining experience.

We highly recommend reservations for this amazing space. Vibrato is known to be packed on many a weeknight. Visit for a complete lineup of musical guests, menu, and the perfect time for you to take it all in.


Bond 50th Anniversary DVD Set5. Boy Toy: Bond 50th Anniversary DVD Set

It’s not a stretch to say that we’ve known plenty of men who wished they were Bond, James Bond. They ordered their martinis shaken (not stirred) and wore tuxedos in the hopes of attracting the ultimate Bond Girl.

We think that the best way to help them live out their Bond fantasies (and spare the sighted world their expensive version of cosplay) is to get them the ultimate Bond movie collection. That way they can run lines with the likes of Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig… instead of cashing in their life savings for an Aston Martin that will spend more sitting still in LA traffic than speeding along exotic roadways.


GHD Gloss Collection Flat Irons6. Smooth Operator: GHD Gloss Collection Flat Irons

Just in time for the Holiday Season, one of the most coveted brands in hair tools released a high gloss collection (appropriately in red and black). The 1” flat irons heat quickly and get the job done in record time (one pass is all you need). The GHD Gloss Stylers retail for $185 each, and are available at Ulta ( and Sephora ( for the Holiday Season. Get ‘em while they’re hot!


7. Best of Both Worlds: Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702

Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702

For the ultimate gadget lover: this device functions as a laptop and/or a tablet. The screen detaches (and goes into touch screen mode) from the keyboard any time you’re ready for a conversion. We think this is the perfect gift for the most indecisive tech-heads in our life (and saves us a bit of dough on the 2-fer). Model and pricing information is available at


Art Of Shaving ProGlide Set8. Cutting it Close: Art Of Shaving ProGlide Set

We’ve often been told that shaving is not just a daily practice… it’s an art form. So we figured the Pro Glide kit from Art Of Shaving was the perfect way to show how much we appreciate said, ahem, art form.

The kit includes a battery operated razor, brush, Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, and After Shave Balm.

The kit retails for $175 and is available online at


Clarisonic Aria Cleansing System9. Deep Clean:  Clarisonic Aria Cleansing System

We’re already huge fans of the original Clarisonic , so we wanted to know what made the new Aria even better.

With more speeds), a USB-enabled pLink charger, and an even deeper clean (6 times better than using hands alone), it appears that Clarisonic actually perfected an already amazing cleansing system.


Terranea Resort & Spa10. Getaway: Terranea Resort & Spa

The folks at Terranea Resort are gearing up for the Holiday Season. They’re offering specials from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Whether you’re giving, receiving, or just trying to get away from it all… this coastal destination has something for just about everyone.

Go to for more information.

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