30 Days & 30 Nights: 3 Lab Super Cream

JLABPrice: $875

Location: www.barneys.com

If first impressions are the best, then this cream had us at hello. It’s light, but highly emollient. We’d already been warned that oily skin types would best be served using this as a night cream, so we adjusted accordingly.  After 3 days, our skin looked and felt smoother. After a week, a stubborn line that’s been hanging around seemed to be just a little bit less noticeable.

Over time, this cream left our skin smooth and virtually blemish-free. The smell and feel of this cream is nearly addictive, and we actually looked forward to slathering it on at night.

More expensive might not always translate into more effective, but 3 Lab definitely aims to break conventional molds. The only pity is running out of this amazing cream. If you can afford it, we’re o.k. with suggesting that you pony up for this fantastic cream. We think it’s worth every penny.

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