Delirium of Dementia Fashion Editorial

Ash Gupta’s project Delirium of Dementia is a work that touches themes such as acceptance, guilt, subservience and sex. While the concepts and images touch upon sex peripherally, they are by no means sexy images. Rather, they are eccentric and absurd in the way they evoke raw human emotions. In this project, Ash introduces a connotation of superficial morality, which religious dogma has brought to our lives and has affected us in an inverse manner. Toward the end, there is a ray of hope which comes from accepting, giving, and surrendering (definitely not by judging). This is the story of human isolation, negativity, fear, and taboos told in the gritty colors of fashion.

Involving months of planning and shooting, dozens of models, and a substantial crew, here is a first glimpse of images from this series.


Photographer Ash Gupta with Catherine Asanov and Viktorija Pashuta

Makeup/Hair:  Crystal Tran, Shanella DuPuis, Inara Lopetaite, Jeff Jones, Mel Hunter, Liliya Dilanyan, Mary Ouzo, Whitney Willison

Stylists:  Ja’Niya Walker, Nia Dennis, Jeff Lunjas
Post Production: David Salpeter

Click the image below to see the fashion editorial.  (Not viewable on IE.)

Delirium of Dementia Photographed by Ash Gupta 838MG
Delirium of Dementia

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