Make ‘Patience a Virtue’ in 2013

Elana Pruitt - talking Chic ColumnistI’m writing this column the morning after Christmas, but by the time you read this, it will be 2013. And although like most of you, I carry the same resolutions with me that I usually do every year—get more exercise, eat healthy, explore new fashion trends (blah, blah, blah)—this year I’d like to become more patient.  And not just in 2013, I mean.  Like . . . from now on.  Like  . . . always.

I believe that having patience stems from having faith. You really can’t have one without the other. Cases in point:

  • I can’t finish my first book if I’m not patient with my brain (a.k.a, “writer’s block”), and I won’t be able to become a book author if I don’t have faith that readers will find it compelling . . .
  • I won’t have a healthy relationship if I’m not patient with the other person’s needs, and I won’t be able to enjoy one if I lose faith in the bond I share with that person . . .
  • I will contradict my professionalism if I’m not patient with email correspondences with colleagues, and I won’t be able to hone my networking skills if I don’t have faith in their follow-through (especially when I could work on that myself!).

No one likes to admit his/her weaknesses—myself included. But in order for me to continue growing and developing, I need to do a little digging. I really want to understand why my insistence can get out of control and cause me to experience a sense of panic. After all, I know what I have contributed thus far to the fashion industry as a writer and editor, the reciprocity I gladly offer others in my field, and the level of love I naturally give. Could it be that at 32 years old, I am just immature, still acting like the whiny 6-year-old who had temper tantrums on the floor because dinner wasn’t ready yet? Or, could it be that my self-confidence could use a little kick in the butt? Probably a bit of both . . .

Well, no time better than the present to improve oneself. So cheers to our new year! May you have patience, faith, and the confidence (and ability!) to stand tall in those sky-high stilettos. I’ll be striving for the same!

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