The Beauty of the Philippines Captured with Joel Escober’s Designs

Joel Escober Editorial, Photographed by Glenn GordonManilla designer Joel Escober uses textiles ranging from delicate chiffon to the exotic fabric of the piña, a fabric made in the Philippines from the fibers of the pineapple plant. Escober uses the architecture of designs, while still embracing the delicate silhouette of the female form.  The colors are inspirational of the natural surroundings of the landscape and organic vegetation of the Philippines. Joel Escober has “designs from the heart,” while keeping the aesthetics of his clientele in tact.  The shoot was a collaboration with Los Angeles photographer Glenn Gordon during a recent visit to Manila, where the idea sprang from a casual conversation over coffee. The following week this creative team produced a shoot celebrating not only their inspirations but also the beauty of the Philippines.

Check out the fashion editorial photographed by Glenn Gordon featuring Filipino designer Joel Escober of Manila.  The shoot took place in Quezon City, Philippines, in the home of Rolando Yap in Country Villa Estates. Click the image to see the editorial. (Not viewable on IE.)

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