The Designs and Fashion Creations of Patuna

Questions by Eveline Morel
Responses by Patuna

You’ve done practically everything from music, to medicine, art, beauty, and recently, fashion. How does everything you’ve done influence your design choices and your fashion creations.

My past training and education affects who I am today, and I express who I am today through my design choices and fashion creations. The passion, expression and emotion I experienced through my training in theater, television; painting and ballet comes out with my fashion creations. The work discipline from being a practicing dental surgeon affects my strong work ethic.

What is your design vision?

Strong and soft combination of women’s character, deep, glamorous, sophisticated, and sexy. I want the woman to feel like the queen of the world.  My designs bring out the queen in a woman.

What woman do you design your gowns?

[I design] for a woman who wants to feel and look like a queen.

Your daughter modeled a few pieces on the runway, is she going to follow in her mother’s footsteps?

She already likes designing on her own, taking textiles and creating. However, she said she wants to be a doctor.  Since I was a dental surgeon, either way she will be following in her mother’s footsteps.

Patuna Spring 2013Is there a particular inspiration behind the collection shown at Vibiana?

My inspiration is always for women to look their best. I am inspired to create dresses which bring out the inner beauty of a woman.

You’ve started recently showing in U.S. What has been the reception for your collection so far?

I did not know how America would accept me the first time, but I received tremendous reactions and warm receptions wherever I have shown. This reaction is great stimulation for me.  Every time I create something, I go to America now just to show the American people what I am creating over the ocean.

You showed in New York and Los Angeles. Did you notice or feel any differences?  If so what were they?

I also showed in Miami. All three places have their certain beauty, which I greatly respect.

What are your plans for the future? Will you be showing in US in the future?

My next scheduled show is in Cannes at the Cannes Film Festival in May, but I will always show in America.  America is a very special place to me.

Check out the entire Patuna Spring 2013 collection.

Patuna Spring 2013 During Style Fashion Week LA at Vibiana

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