Beauty 101: The Skinny on Fat Brows

When it comes to brows, thin is no longer in. Full, sometimes bushy, brows have made their way from the runway to reality. Fuller brows are the easiest (and cheapest) anti-aging trick, as they tend to make the face appear more youthful.

If you’ve waxed or plucked your brows within an inch of their lives, now is the time to slow down and let them come back. More extreme cases (where the hair won’t grow back) may require a transplant, but we think a few tricks of the trade can help you achieve full brows without making a doctor’s appointment.

While you’re waiting for your brows to come back, do a couple of “quick fixes” that will help you fake it in the meantime.

Anastasia Brow GelValentino Spring 2013
Anastasia Brow Gel
Price: $21

This brow gel comes in three shades, to accommodate just about every brow color. A couple of swipes and the formula take your eyebrows from thin to not so thin. It adds just a bit of color, and “lifts” the brow hairs to give the appearance of fullness.

Benefit Brow ZingBenefit Brow Zing
Price: $30

If a gel simply isn’t going to cut it, Benefit offers a stronger alternative. The duo comes with a wax to tame unruly hairs and a matte powder to fill in the blanks.  It also comes with

two miniature brushes, and tweezers for the perfect brow.

Bobbi Brown Brow PencilBobbi Brown Brow Pencil
Price: $22

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned brow pencil to bring out the perfect shape. The Bobbi Brown version promises to combine the benefits of using both a pencil and a powder. And what we love best about it is that it comes in four colors, including grey.

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