Stript Wax Bar: Ready, Set, Smooth!

Stript Wax Bar Calling all girlie girls (and men who are totally in touch with their feminine selves), Stript Wax Bar is a one-stop shop to help you reveal your best self. The technicians at this ultra feminine salon will wax, peel, and buff you to smooth perfection.

Stript Wax Bar was founded in 2009 by aesthetician Katherine Goldman. Her goal was to create a waxing experience that was as close to “painless” as possible.

And although waxing is the top priority at Stript, it’s not the only thing that makes this lovely salon worth visiting.

Stript Wax Bar Stript Wax Bar We’re particularly taken with the facial services, most notably the Stem Cell Facial. This facial uses Glycolic Acid, and Plant Stem Cells from lilac leaves to help refresh the skin and encourage cell turnover. Plant stem cells have been used to stimulate human stem cell growth and preserve existing cells, and reportedly improve skin tone and texture. We tried it and can say with absolute confidence . . . it works.

For more on Stript’s list of services (and locations around California), visit

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