Ash Gupta Photographs Oleander Exclusively for AGENDA Magazine

Oleander Photographed by Ash Gupta 838 Media Group Exclusively for Agenda Magazine.It was an energy-filled day when Oleander band members Thomas Flowers, Doug Eldridge, Ric Ivanisevich, Rich Mouser, and Steve Brown showed up at Ash Gupta’s studio while they took a break from their busy recording schedule for their new CD, Something Beautiful.  Eager to create a look that would fit the band’s image, Ash and his team went to work. I remember that day. Just prior to it, I had contacted several designers; and  with the help of Redlight PR, Eveline Morel of EM&CO, Junker Designs, and others, I was able to find those obscure pieces. On the day of the shoot, Ash’s studio was filled with several racks of clothing, table tops covered with accessories, and a makeup and styling team buzzing around the band. After a few exhausting studio shots and a location visit in Hollywood, Oleander’s editorial was safely in the can!

The Oleander editorial was produced by Agenda‘s EIC Kaylene Peoples, wardrobe was styled by Irene G. Paulos, and hair and makeup by Gloria Tarango. Special thanks to Lindy Flowers, Eveline Morel, Redlight PR, and of course Ash Gupta!

Check out Oleander’s fashion editorial.

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