Autumn 2013 Face of the Month Mila Kali

Mila Kali Autumn 2013 Face of the Month Photographed by Ash GuptaSome say love is the universal language.  In the case of our Face of the Month, Mila Kali, it’s photography that’s making the world a smaller place and bridging distances.  She arrives to our interview, just returned from an overseas trip, smiling and carrying a box of sweets from Europe.

Her home country is Montenegro, in the former Yugoslavia, a region that less than a generation ago was engulfed in war.  “About my country,” Mila explains, “I can say a lot of nice things, but I want to find something that you know. I’m sure that you know the famous movie Casino Royale-James Bond—which is partly recorded in Montenegro—this is my country. A small but luxurious country, our neighbors are Italy and Croatia and Serbia.  So if you want to vacation, in the same day you’re at [the] sea and in the mountains. It is perfected Montenegro choice.”

As a child, Mila enjoyed painting and acting until one day her sister told her about a casting for the Elite Agency.  She was hired, and a modeling career was born.  She credits Croatian photographer Stefan Lupino—“He taught me how to communicate with the camera”—and Ash Gupta for being “just interesting to work with and all positive.”

Her most enjoyable modeling was working in Paris, but two of her worst modeling experiences were in Beirut.  “I was shooting until 2 a.m. on the street,” she tells us.  “It was too cold. I even cried because I was freezing, and the photographer was very slow.  The other time they didn’t offer even water all day, and of course it was cold again.  This time shooting was on a mountain.  Next to me [it] was snowing, and I was changing outside.”

After experiences like these, she gives this tough advice for aspiring models:  “Will not be easy. You’II laugh and cry at the same time, but it is modeling.  And only the strong will survive!”

At the moment, though, thanks to Selekt Model management, she is in very warm Los Angeles, one of her favorite places.  Is that the reason, one wonders, why Mila’s always in a good mood?  She sheds light on this mystery:  “Smile costs nothing, and you can embellish many people that way; provides them with positive energy maybe someone really needs.”

Such positive sentiment leads to one last question for Miss Kali:  When zombies invade Los Angeles, what will be her weapon of choice?

“Ice cream,” she answers with a grin.  “I would share with them and invite them to Ash Gupta and 838 Media Group for shooting together.”
With an invitation like that, the world does indeed seem a smaller place.

Mila at a Glance
Your motto in life?
What does not kill you makes you stronger!

One piece of clothing you cannot live without?
Sexy lingerie

What is your favorite feature about yourself?
To be healthy is the most important

How would you describe your personal style?
Casual, sexy

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Check out the fashion editorial, photographed by Ash Gupta for 838 Media Group.

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