Accessorize Your Life

V&G hipwear - Athena BagHave you fallen into a rut with your life? It seems as though becoming an adult goes hand in hand with imitating a robot. Does your life feel like a scene from the movie “Groundhog Day”?   If your life is anything like mine was, it is time you accessorize your life! Before my brilliant awakening, my daily routine was like clockwork: 6 a.m. wake up; 7 a.m. work out; 8 a.m. put on blue/black/brown business suit; 9 a.m. office; 10 a.m. meetings; 3 p.m. lunch; 5 p.m. traffic; 6 p.m. children softball practice; 7 p.m. homework; 8 p.m. dinner; 10 p.m. bed . . . repeat tomorrow. How dull is that? Let’s add some spice to our world. With very small gestures you can create a whole new attitude for yourself, and you will appreciate the outcome.

"Sophie" Kaiio JewelryWe deserve so much more enjoyment in life, and really, there is no excuse when so much is at your fingertips.  Start off by accessorizing your week with a movie night. Even if you have to go alone, allowing yourself to escape into someone else’s (fictional) world can be therapeutic. In this issue we visit the phenomenal casting director Tracy ”Twinkie” Byrd and get an inside look at why some movies are worth watching over and over again.

If a movie night does not fit into your schedule right now, treat yourself to accessories. Small trinkets can make a huge difference in your appearance.  Christine Ko, CEO/designer of Kaiio Jewelry and Accessories, teaches that there is never such a thing as too much sparkle. Take a peek at her collection; see how you can add some sparkle to your life.

L.A. Shoppe - Huge Wooden Pink Hearts EarringsEveryone likes to shake her shimmy once in a while. With V&G Hipwear and Accessories you can joyfully shake, rattle, and roll your day away without speaking a word. Wearing one of V&G products will create a conversation that will guarantee you will never experience a mundane moment.

We cannot forget our future fashionistas. One is never too young to accessorize.  In this issue we had the pleasure of speaking with the beautiful Jennifer Cruz-Lichauco, CEO/designer of L.A. Shoppe Co. Her collection includes designs that are adorable enough for the girls following our footsteps and creations for the seasoned divas to make a statement with her fun accessories.

A new year is approaching. Let’s appreciate ourselves by living our lives to the fullest and accessorizing each day to create new memorable memories!

Tonya C.

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One Comment to “Accessorize Your Life”

  1. Toni says:

    So inspiring. Beautifully written Tonya. I will surely take this with me into my 2014. I love accessories but never equated the notion of accessorizing each day….brilliant!!! Keep up the great work. I’ll be reading…… :-)