The Nose Knows: Best Holiday Fragrances

The Holiday Season tends to bring out the best, and the absolute worst, in fragrance selections. While there is no shortage of pumpkin-spiced everything, we’ve managed to find some fragrances that don’t remind us of a terrible holiday party that we got duped into attending.

Odin 10Odin 10 (Roam)

This fragrance flies in the face of traditional fragrances and dares the wearer to be bold. 10 Roam features a blend of wild coffee flower, crisp pepper leaf, and saffron. It’s light and very dark all at once, and quite memorable. Although it smells traditionally masculine, we can easily envision this on the quintessential “fearless” female.



Tom Ford Oud Fleur  Tom Ford Oud Fleur

This fragrance is part of Tom Ford’s Oud Collection (which also includes Oud Wood and Oud Tobacco). But this fragrance stands out as the most versatile of the three.  Traditional Oud is blended with three types of rose, making the fragrance both bright and spicy.


tilly_by_rosie_janeTilly by Rosie Jane

Not interested in going “spicy” for the Holiday Season? Tilly by Rosie Jane is an intoxicating floral blend that smells like the perfect summer bouquet. Initially created for the wedding season, Tilly translates beautifully for cooler weather as a sweet alternative to heavier scents.

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