Professional Grade: Claudio Riaz & His New Makeup Line

claudio_riaz_mascaraProfessional makeup artist Claudio Riaz has a message for makeup lovers: Flawless does not have to be complicated. Set aside the heavily airbrushed pictures in any given magazine and look in the mirror. What you see is, and Riaz believes he’s got just what you need to put your best face forward. After launching a collection of some of the most unusual brushes on the market, Riaz released a makeup line to match it.

claudio_riaz_brushHis latest addition includes the brand’s first mascara, and a brush to help you bring out every single lash in beautiful fashion. The mascara is packed with Hyaluronic Acid, which helps improve the condition of lashes (and makes them healthier and shinier). What makes this product unique is that it doubles as an eyeliner. With the help of a simple eyeliner brush, the formula lines and defines, and performs on par with some of the market regulars. It also plays very well with other mascaras. It is also a lacquer top coat, over any other mascara to boost color and shine.

The mascara is best applied with the Lash Touch Brush. A secret of most professional makeup artists, this fan brush grabs every single lash and deposits an equal amount of product to the lashes without clumping or smearing.

Claudio Riaz products are available in Barneys, online and in store.

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