AGENDA Special Edition Issue 1 Cover

1. Editor’s Pick for Holiday Gifts
Here are my number one very personal choices, which I feel at least one of these gifts will put a huge smile on somebody’s face. Depending on your income, any one of these will make an excellent gift.

2. Timeless DVDs for Holiday Gifts
I have assembled a list of Oscar-winning flicks that fall under the category of timeless “tearjerkers.”  These cinematic suggestions will leave a lasting impression and lifelong lessons.

3. Beauty in the Bag: Fall Essentials
‘Tis the season for holiday parties both formal and playful.  And although it’s a novel concept to be dressed top to tail for every single shindig, let’s face it: you don’t really have the time.  The good news is, you can put on your best face in the car between picking up drinks for the party and knocking on the front door.

4. Professional Grade: Claudio Riaz & His New Makeup Line
What you see is, and Riaz believes he’s got just what you need to put your best face forward. After launching a collection of some of the most unusual brushes on the market, Riaz released a makeup line to match it.

5. Great Health and Fitness Gifts for Those in Your Life
We all know how challenging working out, eating nutritionally, living healthy is during the holiday season.  Many have failed where many have tried.  But this holiday could be the beginning of something new.  Get your “giftee” the present of wellness by purchasing him or her one of these coveted fitness-themed gifts.

6. Gadget Gift Giver’s Guide for Holiday 2014
For all you gadget gals and guys, here is our list of really cool gadgets and reviews to get you going in the new year. Consider one of these for a gift to you or that somebody special.  Oh heck, buy it for yourself (when nobody’s looking!)

7. HOLIDAY 2014: The Most Beautiful Gift Guide
‘Tis the season for everything bright and shiny and stressful as hell. The Holidays can wreak havoc on even the most perfectly balanced dispositions… and skin. Put your best face forward, and share the love with our top picks this season.

8. Recommended Holiday Reading 
I love a good book, whether it is romance, historical fiction, time travel, horror . . . or any other subject or genre.  Sometimes, depending on my mood or the need for a lift from heavier reading, the more escapist the better!

9. Last Minute Luxury Gifts
Make her fall in love with you with the following luxury items. Whether you are the ideal love match or not, giving gifts with six digit price tags can be a direct route to her heart. Check out these outrageously priced luxury items fit for a man with the midas touch, or fit for a sheik and his harem. Remember, it’s only money, and you can afford to splurge!

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