ISSUE #44 – JUNE 2012

Agenda Magazine June 2012 Cover Photographed by Jeff LinettFashion Runway
1. Rolando Santana Fall 2012 Runway & Review
2. Mimi Plange Fall 2012 Presentation & Review
3. Vera Wang “Vis-á-gris” Fall 2012 Runway & Review
4. Zac Posen Fall 2012 Runway & Review
5. Zang Toi Fall 2012 Runway & Review
6. Joanna Mastroiani Fall 2012 Runway & Review
7. Mathieu Mirano Fall 2012 Presentation & Review
Fashion Editorial
8. Octavio Carlin Fashion Editorial Photographed by JP Agustin

The Mission (Ash Gupta 838 Media Group)
9. 311 in Progress – Kira Dikhtyar Editorial
10. “Amour Brisé” – A Violent Love Story
11. Adriana Winters – June 2012 Face of the Month and Editorial
12. Ash Gupta, LA Models, and Maggie Barry Present Theatre de la Beauté Classique

Book Reviews
13. Something Red by Douglas Nicholas
14. The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

Talking Chic
15. A Bikini Won’t Bite You

Fitness Couture
16. Ever Wonder Why When Eating During Depression Leads to More Eating?

17. Curly Cue: Summer Hair Tips for Curly Girls
18. 30 Days & 30 Nights: Tone & Treat
19. He Said/She Said: Keeping up with Mid-Life Maintenance
20.TRENDING: Summer Beauty

The Indie Hotspot
21. Actor, Singer, Charity Worker – Chase Masterson Does It All with Grace and Style
(Introducing iRock Jazz)
22. Terence Blanchard – Legendary Musician Talks About What Has Piqued His Interests All These Years
23. Angie Stone – A Multi-Award Winner Songstress Giving Insight to Her Life
24. R&B Vocalist Avery Sunshine: Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Music video “The Ugly Side of Me” included.)
25. Gregory Porter – Live At Mayne Stage Chicago (iRock Jazz video interview included.)

The Statement
27. Jeff Linett Photographs “RIBELLI DOMINANTE” Created by Gordon Bahn Featuring Sarah Ghazel
28. Designer Merlin Castell – Brought Up By His Bootstraps to His Inevitable Success
29. They Arrived At Sundown – Fashion Editorial Featuring Fashion Designer Merlin Castell
30. They Arrived At Sundown – Behind the Scenes Video
31. Alejandra G – Designer and True Shoe Aficiando
32. Alejandra G – Fashion Editorial

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