ISSUE #54 – Holiday 2013 (DEC 2013/JAN 2014)


1.  A Not-to-Miss Night Out at Project Ethos!
2. Sue Wong’s Spring 2014 Runway – “Jazz Babies” Review
3. Mike Vensel Talks About His Spring 2014 Collection
4. Frances Harder, Founder of LA Fashion Incubator, Talks About LA Fashion
5. “All Aboard . . . LA’s Fashion Platform” FBI Fashion Show and Fundraiser

The Statement – Fashion Editorials by Jeff Linett
6. Jeff Linett Photographs “Mister Triple X” by Erik Rosete
7. NINES by Alana Hale Fashion Editorial
8. NINES by Alana Hale, Video Part 1 & 2

9. An Interview with Casting Director Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd
10.“CJ by Cookie Johnson” Exclusive Pieces Commemorate World AIDS Day

11. Kaiio – Fairy Tales Really Do Come True!
12. Valohna Wynn and Gayle Weintraub of V&G – Playful, Sexy, and Stylish All at Once!
13. Accessorize Your Life
14. The Creations of Jena Cruz-Lichauco of The L.A. Shoppe

Talking Chic
15. The Stage You’re At

Book Reviews
16. A Brief Review of Authors Becky Masterman and Lloyd Shepherd by Lee Peoples
17. Bestselling Author Douglas Kennedy Reviewed by Lee Peoples
18. ANARCHY by James Treadwell

19. Winter Hair Care with WEN
20. Flawless Beginnings: Debunking Skin Care Myths
21. Dive In: Creating the Ultimate Bath
22. All That Glitters: An Interview with Melanie Mills

Gift Guides
23. The Nose Knows: Best Holiday Fragrances
24. Holiday 2013: Gift Guide

Fitness Couture
25. 30 Days & 30 Nights: Organic Raw Virgin Bee Panacea

LA Art & Culture
26. Beyond Brancusi, the Space of Sculpture
27. Travis Louie Strange Discoveries and Doug Edge Let Me Explain

Entertainment Review
28. INVISIBLE CITIES, an Opera Without a Stage – What an Unforgettable Experience!

Letter from the Editor
29. Nelson Mandela and Why We Should Celebrate His Life

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