ISSUE #32 November 2010 Table of Contents

ISSUE #32 November 2010 Cover, Featuring Mallika Sherawat of Hisss, photographed by Ash Gupta

1. Vanessa Prager – A Self-Taught Artist with an Aesthetic Eye (Indie Hotspot)

2. Music Today and How It Has Changed Drastically in the Industry:  Are We Musicians in the New Wild West? (Indie Hotspot)

3. Mikey Koffman and LA Fashion Week – Presenting Turnkey Runway Shows and a Penchant for Giving Back

4. Catalina Bar & Grill, 24-Years Old and Still Presenting the Best in Jazz

5. Facebook Etiquette: Offender or Victim . . . Which One Are You?

6. Breast Augmentation 101:  Everything You Need to Know About Breast Enhancement (Fitness Couture)

7. Love Is Sufficient (Insights)

8. This Trend Is Not for Me (Talking Chic)

Fashion & Fashion Articles
9. Fashion and Its Pink Passion for Breast Cancer Awareness

10. Spring 2011 Seasonal Trends for Contemporary/Juniors/Girls as Forecast by Directives West

11. Anna Sui Runway Spring 2011

12. Betsey Johnson Runway Spring 2011

13. Gottex Runway Spring 2011

Ash Gupta “The Mission”
14. Hisss Featuring Mallika Sherawat and Photographed by Ash Gupta

15. A Touch of Class

16. Shady: November 2010 Face if the Month

17. Shady:  Face of the Month – the Editorial

Book Review
17. Freedom

Entertainment & Travel Reviews:
18. Stanley Clarke at Catalina Bar & Grill, October 14, 2010 – Creating Great Music That Still Transcends and Transforms

19. MEMPHIS the Musical  Shubert Theatre Raises the Roof on a Rousing New Musical Blockbuster


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