Hello Agenda readers.  We are excited to bring to you a series for the fitness-minded individual. Fitness Couture has been a big part of the Agenda family for seven years now. During that time, fitness advice, researched information, and proven methods to lose weight, look and feel younger, get more energy, etc., have been the subjects and main focus of our fitness section in Agenda magazine. Topics range from eating nutritiously, detoxing, losing weight, sleeping, exercising, and showing muscle definition. Fitness Couture 2016 focuses on these topics and more in this exciting first collector’s issue.  Because of the timeless information provided on these pages, this print issue has become the first of many in the series that will advise, correct, educate, and enhance those who want to feel better or are health/fitness conscious. Fitness Couture is now available in print at  (Check out Createspace‘s price.)