Nobody said losing weight and staying fit would be easy; and anything worth doing is worth doing well.  You might ask, “Why am I fighting against things that should be easy to overcome, such as hunger pangs or lethargy?”  Well, there is a simple explanation, but the solution requires a bit of willpower.  Anthony Heredia solves two common problems we face while trying to stay fit.

Problem: I don’t have energy.

Man Jogging in Greece (Photo: Maarten van den Heuvel)

Solution: You don’t have energy because an unconditioned body slows down to conserve energy, so it’s a horrible cycle of not moving only makes you want to move even less. You must start with baby steps and commit to at least walking; even going up and down your home staircase while talking on the phone or while watching a show on your phone. After a consistent 7-10 days of doing this, your energy will start to increase, but to keep it going in the right direction, you now need to increase and lengthen the time of your activity while stepping up your intensity! This one takes patience, consistency and time because your body won’t trust you until it knows this is a normal thing.

Problem: I am always hungry.

(Photo: Edward Franklin)

Solution: One third of the time you are unjustifiably hungry, you are actually thirsty for water. Drinking anything except water in these times won’t work. Your body is making you hungry, hoping to take some hydration out of whatever food you eat. Let’s be honest . . . most likely won’t have much in whatever food you choose to ingest. If you are oddly hungry, drink an 8-ounce glass of water and wait 15 minutes, and if you are still hungry, it will be your actual hunger level . . . if not, then your body was just asking for a drink!