The quest for perfect skin leads many a beauty junkie to seek all manner of treatments, from deep chemical peels to magic formulas that promise to give that ‘maybe we’re born with it’ glow in a single swipe. And with beauty companies from every corner of the globe promising life-changing results (but rarely delivering), it’s easy to become overwhelmed. If only it was a simple as flipping a switch…

Maybe it is.

Light Therapy is a regular tool in a professional’s arsenal. Using LED and Infrared therapy isn’t new. But it’s taken a while for the devices to root firmly into the market. The reason is simple: despite the wide range of consumer tools, the price point (Quasar can run $500+) might cause one to pause. Plus, there’s the understandable hesitation about whether such a pricey device is actually effective.

If you talk to a pro, chances are they’ll tell you it’s a worthy investment. According to Skin Therapist Jennifer Christie, a little light therapy can go a long way to clear the way for actual healing with troubled skin. Christie is a fan of the ‘red’ light therapy, which specifically targets inflammation. “I concentrate it directly on the affected area.” she says, “that way I can see the skin change and determine what it needs to heal.”

Light therapy uses photon and infrared technology to penetrate the dermis. Different colors serve different purposes. For specific acne treatment, blue light will kill p-acnes bacteria. Both yellow and red target inflammation, and an indigo infrared boost goes even further for deeper penetration to heal from within.

Light therapy, like all good skin care regimens, requires consistency. It’s folly to think that one 20 minute session will cure all your woes. Christie prefers to work with the skin by ‘touch’ and use the light whenever the skin needs it. “I like to assess what’s happening with the skin first, before jumping in and recommending light therapy right away.” Christie is a huge fan of moderation, even with light therapy. “You can play with all of your toys in the quest for good skin. Maybe just not play with them all at once.”

jennifer*Jennifer Christie is a licensed Esthetician, with specialized training under Arcona Devan, Epicuren, Skin Medica, PCA and Skin Script. She currently operates in Sherman Oaks, California*