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Terrell Sass

Arting Around | Grammy Nominee Terrell Sass Means Business

Terrell Sass ended up making important connections while in Atlanta that led him to play on major label albums with artists like T.I., DJ Drama, and Ludacris. He also toured with Tyler Perry’s production, The Marriage Counselor and Jennifer Holliday. In between gigs, Sass worked on composing music for many artists at his studio in Atlanta; plus he also traveled between Nashville and Los Angeles, recording with different artists depending on the genre of music he had been hired to do.

Phil Perry at the NJPAC, 11-17, 2016 (Photo: Sheryl Aronson)

Arting Around | Phil Perry Has Spent Over Forty-Eight Years Becoming “A Better Man!”

Phil Perry’s vocals float with a heavenly lightness mingled with an unfathomable lavishness of soulful romance, so with each note this artist exposes his inner being. He sings about . . . love. No matter how many compositions that Phil Perry has sung on this topic, his interpretation and technique emerges fresh, probing the mysteries, delighting the senses.

Arting Around | Parisian Painter Michael Stervinou – Artist and Creative Muse

Arting Around | Parisian Painter Michael Stervinou – Artist and Creative Muse

On Friday, July 29, 2016, I met and interviewed Parisian painter Michael Stervinou at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival held at the city’s Modern Art Museum. We spoke about his involvement in one of the film, The One 3: Horror Sex Fashion, of which three of his paintings were used in a very unusual way. Dressed in a classic navy shirt and jacket, and topped with a whimsical leopard bowtie, Stervinou created his own fashion statement.