A Season of Good Deeds – Big or Small

Spending time with family and friends – that is what the holidays mean to all of us.  And rightly so! It’s a season that makes us feel all warm inside, blessed to have one another, and grateful for all of our fortunes.  But what about those who need a caring heart to make them feel that way?  The guy who sits on your corner asking for change probably needs this as well as the woman who has children and sits by the freeway with a “Will Work for Food” sign.  We naturally feel a newfound sense of compassion for these people during the holidays, handing out dollars where we can.  Being selfless is part of the holidays, a time for you to step out of your comfort zone and also provide volunteer services, canned goods, and clothing for those who may only be able to repay you with a smile.

As a personal shopper, in addition to donating coats and scarves to a dear foundation, I am offering free personal shopping services to my friends and family.  While this may be considered a small deed among the entire scheme of things, I believe that helping an individual express his or her personality through fashion can up that person’s self-esteem and self-confidence.  Feeling proud of your appearance is important, as it can influence the way you feel about yourself.  Looking good doesn’t always ensure that you will feel good, but it definitely adds to how you view yourself.

Recently, a girlfriend of mine, Bryana, mentioned that she is interested in adding more flair to her wardrobe.  I was a bit surprised to hear this because she has always been so put together, from her Coach tennis shoes to her Tiffany necklace and her military-chic jackets to her silver studded earrings.  But in her eyes, she can do so much more with her style. So we discussed how I can help her.  I acknowledged that Bryana understands fashion and exhibits a classic look, but there are definitely ways we can spice up her image.  So we discussed how accessories can complement an outfit in a subtle or dramatic way.  To give her a first-hand idea on the type of accessories that may work for her; I took her into my bedroom and gave her some of my own accessories to play with.  We both immediately realized that a bright blue or pink scarf would benefit an all black outfit, or that dangly neutral-colored earrings would help to frame her face nicely.  My friend works in a medical office, and being covered up with a long white coat makes her feel stifled.  Bryana can only do so much with her outfit.  So, together, we decided that we would go shopping for various types of accessories: scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, the types of things that will add a nice vibe to her already fabulous style.

And then, as a sincere gesture, I looked at a faux three-string pearl necklace of mine and immediately knew that she had to have it.  So I found a cute jewelry box, put it in there and gave it to her.  I hadn’t worn it for a year, and it was just hanging there with my other necklaces. So I decided to help Bryana get started with a new piece . . . without her spending a dime.  She totally appreciated it and said that she couldn’t wait to wear it.  That made ME happy.  Giving really does feel better than receiving.  So we are set to shop this month, and help her uncover pieces that communicate who she is—a down-to-earth sincere woman!

My advice:  Starting today, help a friend or a loved one out.  He or she will be forever grateful.  A big deed or a small deed, giving your time, effort, or material item to someone will bring you joy as well. Happy Holidays!

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