Anna Sui’s Spring 2012 Playful Collection Has a Multitude of Inspirations While Still Flattering a Woman’s Figure

Anna Sui Spring 2012 at Mercedes Benz fASHION Week New York Photographed by Arun Nevader

Anna Sui Spring 2012 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York photographed by Arun Nevader.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York presented Anna Sui’s Spring 2012 collection with a multitude of inspirations while still managing to figure flatter. I always like attending this fashion show.  Why?  Because Anna Sui has yet to disappoint me.  Her exciting yet romantic designs take me back to Renaissance where women strove to be fashionably feminine, and Sui does this every season without redundancy.  Obviously no fluke here, just refined talent with a clear focus on Sui’s demographic.

Always playful, Anna Sui stayed true once again to what works.  Colorful, 40s inspired hats, synthetic furs, and prints.  The models wore scarlet lips, and their hair was styled like 1940s USO.  The cape effect made its way on Sui’s catwalk (as it did with so many other designers during fashion week).  She utilized tulle to accent many of the pieces.  As the runway show started, the models exuberantly entered the gate and walked to “Take Me for a Night in New York.”  Maybe that’s why the bandannas were a big part of Sui’s styling.  It worked.  One can count on this designer making clothes to flatter most women.  The not too frilly “A-line” with pretty details was sprinkled throughout this collection.

Notable looks were the sailor hats paired with matching vests, netted hats worn with printed midis, billowy sleeves, lace accented sleeves, printed jumpsuits, millinery inspirations like big rimmed Victorian hats, and flowy sundresses just perfect for spring.  But the Gilda-like antique gold sequin bandanna and matching top made a lasting impression!

Check out the collection photographed by Arun Nevader.

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