Mimi Plange “Labrynth” Autumn/Winter 2012 Presentation

During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, designer Mimi Plange showcased her collection entitled “Labrynth” at a 5th Avenue penthouse with breathtaking views.  This private residence was the ideal setting for Plange’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.  The elegant presentation boasted art installations, a classical violinist, and a beautifully poised set design.

“‘Labrynth’ is inspired by a self-imagined surreal Nordic forest.  The delicate braiding and interwoven details of an ancient Celtic knot has been translated into a winding trapunto embroidery,” describes Mimi Plange about her collection.

The collection is elegant and is crafted with fabrics such as silk, velvet, textured alpaca wool, and metallic gold brocade. The colors consist of various shades of wine, ecru, coal, crimson, blush, and eggshell blue.  The dresses are figure-flattering, cut on the bias to give them a tailored look.  Though all the pieces of this collection are well suited for a cocktail party or an afternoon of high tea, there was one piece in Plange’s collection that trumped everything around it.  It was the piece Mimi Plange titled “Goldie.”  This was a gold brocade multi-layered skirt with velvet trim.  Mimi Plange’s Autumn/Winter 2012 presentation was elegant, enchanting, understated, and defined craftmanship with its impeccable stitching and choice of high-end fabrics.

Click the image below to see the Mimi Plange “Labrynth” Autum/Winter 2012 Presentation, photographed by Arun Nevader. (Not viewable on I.E.)

Mimi Plange "Labrynth" Autumn/Winter 2012 Presentation During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY, Photographed by Arun Nevader

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