Cover Story: Team AGENDA

AGENDA MAGAZINE July 2012 Cover Photographed by Ash Gupta 838 Media Group, Hair Styled by Bianca Lauren, Makeup & Concept by Shahada Karim, Graphic Design by Kaylene Peoples

Every year, in the month of July, we are reminded of who we are, and where we are as a country. We set aside politics, gender, ethnicity, and religion and stand as a nation to celebrate the day we declared our independence. At Agenda, we wanted to take a “fashionable” approach to this patriotic practice, with an intentionally diverse cover story.

We chose models from four major ethnic backgrounds: Black, Caucasian, Asian and Latin. The intent was to show how beautiful we are in our diversity, even as we stand shoulder to shoulder as proud Americans. We hail from every conceivable background: the children of slaves, immigrants, and indigenous people . . . with different cultures, religions, and daily practices. Yet we exist as one nation, with tolerance and respect for the other, and love for the country in which we live.

The models were styled to represent the strength and beauty of two of our most iconic images: Rosie the Riveter and Marilyn Monroe. Love it or hate it, those images are a part of our history and instantly recognizable across the globe.

In the midst of our patriotic endeavor, we also wanted to have a little fun. So the girls were draped with the American flag.

So as you’re firing up the barbeque or singing the national anthem, we hope you take a little time to reflect on the beauty and diversity that we believe makes our country great. Enjoy your summer!

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