Éclairée Presentation – Miami Swim 2013

On July 20, 2012, held in the penthouse at the Raleigh Hotel, the models posed in Éclairée, a rather classy, yet understated collection of swimsuits and coverups.  Designer Kelly Carrington put together a cohesive line with modest cuts.  These swimsuits are definitely “mother-approved.”  The models were styled minimally, which helped to put the focus on the actual Éclairée collection itself.  Carrington’s line consisted of only a small number of pieces, but each garment made its own impact.

Click below to see the Éclairée Presentation.

Éclairée Presentation held in the Penthouse at the Raleigh Hotel on July 20, 2012 during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim 2013.

"Éclairée Presentation Swim 2013" Photographed by Arun Nevader

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