Perfect Finish: Per-fekt Beauty

Richard Anderson

Per-fekt Beauty may have achieved what so many other brands strive for, formulations that multi-task in every way, and are easy to use for even the most challenged make-up maven.

We asked Per-fect Beauty founder Richard Anderson what makes his brand stand out in a sea of so-called “miracle makeup.”

AM – Why did you decide to create Per-fekt Beauty?

RA – Over the 20 years that I’ve spent in the Beauty Industry, I found that women had one dominant frustration: no time. So I designed Per-fect Beauty products to save (both) time and money. I wanted to create a line of products that are safe as well. All products from per-fekt beauty are paraben free, fragrance free, mineral oil free, wax free, talc free, phthalate free, water free, transfer-, water- and sweat-resistant.

AM – Per-fekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel is your flagship product. What was your inspiration for the product, and how have all the other products spawned as a result of that inspiration?

RA – I started the brand out of a small office at my home in the Hollywood Hills. My inspiration was to save women time, and I wanted to design a product that would be multi-functional and meet the needs of modern women. Skin perfection gel is an easy alternative to traditional foundation, primer, color corrector, and powder. The entire Per-fekt line is intended as essential beauty products that help perfect the skin, body, eyes, cheeks, brows, lips, and lashes . . . all without the weight of traditional makeup.

AM – Describe Per-fekt Beauty’s typical client.

RA – Our typical clients are women who are pressed for time and don’t want to deal with  multiple beauty products that are limited to one or two functions. I designed my products to be multi-functional, for the woman on the go. Per-fekt has also become a beauty must-have for makeup artists and celebrities.

Mila Kunis

AM – What celebrities are fans of Per-fekt Beauty?

RA – Per-fekt Beauty has a wide range of celebrity fans, including Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Hudson, Pippa Middleton, Victoria Beckham, Mila Kunis, and Rihanna.

AM – What are your newest products?

RA Our newest products include the lash perfection gel and lip perfection gel. The new lip perfection gel is the first of its kind, offering a fresh alternative to traditional lipstick, lip gloss, lip plumper, lip primer, and lip treatment. This multi-tasking product provides sheer, smooth, and silky color. It’s available in five universally appealing shades, and a clear shade designed to be worn over your favorite lipstick.

Lash perfection gel is the hottest new product to help you achieve high impact, Hollywood lashes. This breakthrough, multi-use formula is designed to volumize, condition, lengthen and separate lashes in just one simple sweep of the wand. The lash perfection gel is available in one universal shade, and will flatter every skin tone and create the perfect look every time you wear it.

AM – What does the future hold for Per-fekt Beauty?

RA – We want to continue to grow per-fekt’s core products, and emphasize what the brand is known for: delivering skin-perfecting results quickly and effectively.

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