Skingraft Fall 2012 Runway Review During LA Fashion Week at the Vibiana

Johnny Cota successfully delivered another installment of his own special brand of chic that artfully blends tailored leather with knits, stretch fabrics, fur, and softer, gauzy materials, for a “future is here and now” look that has become Skingraft’s trademark.  The mesh-like head-pieces and crisp tailoring brought to mind fencing gear, but only for a quick second, before we were transported into the futuristic rock-and-roll moto chic world of Skingraft.  Black was still the dominant color, in all its textures.  However, this collection was softened just a tad by inclusion of lighter color pieces(taupe and shades of grey), more draping, and touches of sheer fabrics.

The collection started off with very wearable, more casual pieces, for both men and women, moving into dressier pieces, to finish off with two long dresses, both topped off by superbly-tailored leather jackets.   The collection delivered to everyone’s expectations, proving, yet again, that cutting-edge fashion is alive and well in L.A. What we love and want:  the leather gloves with fur trim, the body-hugging, architectural pieces mixing leather and stretch, and the men’s jackets…

Check out the Skingraft Fall 2012 runway and backstage by clicking the image(s) below.

Skingraft Runway at Vibiana during Style Fashion Week L.A.

Skingraft Fall 2012 Runway Photographed by Arun Nevader

Skingraft Fall 2012 Backstage During Style Fashion Week LA at Vibiana

Skingraft Fall 2012 Backstage Photographed by Arun Nevader

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