Daisy Fuentes Spring 2013 Runway

Daisy Fuentes’ Spring 2013 collection during New York Fashion Week was clear in its theme:  Bohemian, sexy, and siren, just like Daisy Fuentes.  So it’s no surprise that the inspiration was Daisy Fuentes herself and the gypsy movement, giving the strong presence of “sexy.”   Fuentes’ understanding of real women is obvious in her collection.  Beauty inspirations were taken from vintage Yves St. Laurent of the 70s, as reflected on the models who sported smoky eyes; and the models’ hair was very ethereal, very big with lots of texture.  The head pieces were a nice touch.  This collection consisted of high-wasted pants and sexy dresses with rich palettes of siren red, earth tones, and a variety of prints.

I’m very Spanish and I really love the traditional gypsy—very strong traditional flamenco lookbut I also like the bohemian relaxed vibe (especially the vibe of those beach towns in Spain).  The inspiration from the two is what has evolved [in this collection].”—Daisy Fuentes

Check out the Spring 2013 Runway, photographed by Arun Nevader.

Daisy Fuentes Spring 2013 Runway, Photographed by Arun Nevader

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