The Philosopher's Kiss Book CoverCopyright 2003, Translated by Steven Murray 2011

ISBN 978-1-4391-6748-9

The Philosopher’s Kiss, a work of historical fiction by Peter Prange, was set in France in the 18th Century in Paris during the height of the Age of Enlightenment when all print was under the scrutiny and censorship of the Catholic Church.  Denis Diderot, the title character, was a famous philosopher and writer whose idea it was to compile all knowledge under what became the Encyclopedia. Sophie Volland—about whom very little is known—meets and falls in love with Diderot, a married man, and it is their love and romance that is at the center of the conflict.

One of my favorite subjects is historical fiction, and the author, Peter Prange in his attention to historical facts made for an enjoyable mix of history, though fictionalized, and romance.  I admired his extensive attention to his research so as not to distort the actual facts of history while creating plausible happenings among historical figures about whom very little was known.  A master of characterization, the author “adds stunning depth to each of his characters, including majestic Paris.  . . .”

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