Aeneas Erlking Spring 2013 Channels Gothic During Concept LA

The Spring-Summer 2013 collection from this New York-based designer had a decidedly punk gothic vibe, and seemed to favor corset looks of leather, silk, and a LOT of lace; a very eclectic mix of pieces that (besides the lace detail) lacked a common stylistic thread.  With its “naughty girl” and S & M touches, this collection seemed out of its element on a fashion runway but is perfectly suited for the club scene, which seems to be its main inspiration.  This show was held at Siren Studios during Concept LA.

Check out the Aeneas Erlking Spring 2013 runway and backstage, photographed by Jeff Linett.

Aeneas Erlking Fashion Runway and Backstage, Photographed by Jeff Linett

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