Belle N Matisse Spring 2013 Review

Designer Alexandria Belle Norman’s second season, Spring/Summer 2013, showed six looks, including jersey and satin with leather accents.  The fitted jackets were well executed, particularly the leather jacket, which was beautiful . . . alas, the fit of the pants was less than perfect, and less than flattering.

The collection skipped around time periods which included everything from a 60s menswear inspiration with tapered trousers and fitted jackets, 80s edgy leather biker jacket and cropped top, and 20s-inspired flapper detailing, complete with turban and hats.  Although the colors remained very basic—mostly black and cream—the collection lacked an overall cohesiveness:  It seemed to go in different directions; it was hard to see a guiding thread. If “Hipster” fashion is a mix of time periods, then this collection most definitely qualifies as “Hipster,” which leaves the question as to the end buyer, as this collection is too edgy for office-wear, and too high-end for the normal hipsters who may mix time periods, but would most likely incorporate vintage, for cost savings.

Check out the Belle N Matisse Spring 2013 Installation, photographed by Jeff Linett.

Belle N Matisse Spring 2013 During Concept LA Photographed by Jeff Linett

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