Negris LeBrum Spring 2013 Runway – “Memoirs of a Party Girl”

The Negris LeBrum Spring 2013 Runway entitled “Memoirs of a Party Girl” was held at the Shop Studios on September 10, 2012, in New York City during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Designer Travis Hamilton presented a series of colorful and figure-flattering pieces in a variety of styles, ranging from sexy separates to cocktail dresses.

Unfortunately, my first exposure to Negris LeBrum was at a fashion show I had attended back in February 2012 for the Fall/Winter 2012 collection.  I had to look past the environment with its stark dingy white walls, bad lighting, and a surprisingly weak turnout.  That collection felt as if I was watching an endless assembly line of prom dresses in a mall, rather than observing a fashion show.  However, back then I recognized LeBrum’s talent and took note of a few pieces that made a lasting impression on me.  Some of those gowns were quite beautiful.

Negris LeBrum’s Spring 2013 line reflected growth.  It was a more cohesive collection from its previous season.  Designer Travis Hamilton’s choice of silhouettes this time catered to a different demographic altogether—a woman who is not afraid to be feminine and sexy, a woman who is sure of herself.  The standout pieces in this collection were the white skinny pants paired with the white sleeveless button down blouse, and the violet backless billowy evening gown.  Overall this was a decent collection with less formals and more wearable pieces.

Check out Negris LaBrum’s 2013 runway, photographed by Arun Nevader.

Negris Lebrum Spring 2013 Runway during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week  Photographed by Arun Nevader

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